Jason Ice Cave

I give full credit to my love affair with photography to a  black & white photo book by Ansel Adams, purchased at a yard sale in my home town in rural Missouri. Noticing my interest, my dad who had studied photo journalism bought me my first film camera. Through trial and error, films and darkrooms, pixels and Adobe Lightroom, an interest was cultivated. Snapshots evolved to planned shots. A craft was honed.

Flirtations with other art mediums slid to my peripheral as computers became more common place. I firmly embraced digital techniques, focusing on typography, photography and design. I absorbed my art education at various colleges ( including a graphic design degree at Northwest Michigan College ) while indulging another passion: travel. Who knew those six letters could have such a nurturing influence on the adventurous spirit? I have traveled most of the US, western Canada, the Caribbean, France, Italy, Ireland ( twice ), New Zealand and Fiji. I lived in Buena Vista, Colorado for 2 years before appeasing the unrelenting magnetic pull from further north. Skagway, Alaska would be home for 8 years.

My wife ( we met in Alaska ) and I resided in Traverse City, Michigan for 5 years and have two young children.  We have now relocated to Colorado where we can explore the beauty of the mountains.

If you have a question on my art, I can be contacted via email: jason@ignitegraphx.com